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Company profile


Corporate Introduction

Tripod Aluminum was established in 1997, specializing in the production of series 6 Al-Mg-Si alloy (6061, 6063) and series 7 Al-Zn alloy (7005, 7075). With today’s ever-improving material technology, the Company further introduced 6011, 6013, 6066 and 6069 aluminum alloys with high copper content, which feature higher hardness and strength; these products are highly acclaimed by our customers. 
To provide customers with complete and systematic service, Tripod Aluminum also introduced CNC digital processing to establish a complete product supply chain from raw materials extrusion to product surface treatment. The high quality control throughout the chain not only effectively shortens the production schedule, but also enables customers to produce highly competitive and quality products. 
Tripod Aluminum has placed a large amount of its efforts into producing aluminum bike frames. In response to customers’ requirements on quality, Tripod Aluminum holds the attitude of “there is no such thing as ‘best’, only ‘better’”, and has been engaging in the development of various materials and quality stability, thus winning the trust and preference of renowned leading manufacturers at home and abroad. In the future, Tripod Aluminum will aim to invest more resources to provide even more superior and stable products.