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Tripod Aluminum Co.,Ltd. engaged in the business in 1997 has been a professional material provider specialized in aluminum alloys, AA (AA 6061, 6063 and 7005) since the founding. With the edgy materials technology, AA 6013, 6066 and 6069 with higher hardness and better strength resulting from high copper are made available. We not only receive acknowledgements from our clients but also firm our strengths in terms of plural functions and purposes. Tripod Aluminum Co.,Ltd. in association with our clients creates more industrial values.

Tripod Aluminum Co.,Ltd. in collaborations with the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre introduces the high-strength aluminum alloys extrusion technology with SGS certification of the outcomes for actual introduction to mass production and subsequently receives acknowledgements from our clients and support. In pursuit of local talent incubation and consolidation in Changhua, we not only cooperate with Dayeh University entered into the Industrial Master MOU but also participate in the CITD project conjointly for commitment and contribution to progression and prosperity in Central Taiwan.

Tripod Aluminum Co.,Ltd. has a wide extent of products applied in various industries. The industries include metal hardware, furniture, industry, sport, LED and personal electronic devices. Therein, the cycling industry has been receiving the longest time spent and the most attention paid. To fulfill the high demand for quality, we insist on Never the best but better only. With our aggressive engagement in plural materials development and stable quality of our goods, we have been a trusted and preferred material provider for the leading manufacturers nationwide and worldwide. Our future vision is to invest more resources for provision of more precise and stable goods.

For provision of the complete and systematized services, our assistance of addition of CNC to surface finish, sandblast and anodizing with expertise specifically designed for each client is made available for forming a full commodity supply chain, which not only helps each client cut the R&D schedule effectively but also secures creation of commodities with robust competitiveness and optimization for each client.

Warranty is secured by proactive introduction of ISO9001 and the 6S Lean Management technique to make the client trust in the goods provided by Tripod Aluminum Co.,Ltd. By enhancing the clients’ competitiveness, attaining the win-win situation and obtaining the optimal value for our clients, and upholding No regression but aggression only, Tripod Aluminum Co.,Ltd. is the best aluminum alloys supplier thriving in association with all the clients.

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